The Summit for All Things Confidential Computing

For the first time, the Summit brought together the premier technology providers, researchers, as well as existing users to help organizations advance confidential computing, data clean rooms and privacy preserving generative AI.

 We opened the inaugural Confidential Computing Summit with a keynote entitled “Confidential Computing and The Solution to Privacy-Preserving Generative AI. See it on-demand”

Raluca Ada Popa

Associate Professor, CS, UC Berkeley & Founder of Opaque Systems

 The Summit is a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge technology in data privacy and how to secure the confidentiality of data in the Cloud.”

Nick Vidal

OutReach Chair Confidential Computing Consortium

Why Attend Confidential Computing Summit 2024?

The Confidential Computing Summit will bring together experts, innovators, cloud providers, software and hardware providers, and user organizations from all industries to accelerate key initiatives in confidential computing. Stay tuned for information on registering.

Meet practitioners and prospects: Meet and interact with the Confidential Computing community and organizations evaluating and using Confidential Computing solutions. Network with attendees from different industries that work with confidential data, including but not limited to financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, adtech, and more.

See and hear about innovation, best practices, and solutions: The Summit is a forum to learn about today’s solutions, future advancements, use cases, and hear from experts.

Meet experts: Meet and network with Confidential Computing leaders, skilled practitioners, innovators and pioneers.

Facilitate discussions between user organizations, experts, and leading technology solution providers: Drive discussions with experts, organizations implementing key business cases, technology providers, researchers, and luminaries.

2023 Keynotes & Speakers

Raluca Ada Popa

Associate Professor, CS, UC Berkeley & co-founder of MC2 open source and Opaque Systems
Security, systems, and applied cryptography.

Ron Perez

Fellow, Chief Security Architect, Intel Office of CTO

Vikas Bhatia

Head of Product, Azure Confidential Computing (ACC)
Cloud-based platform provider that protects data in use.

John Manferdelli

Office of the CTO, Security, VMware
Challenges of multi-cloud, distributed security at scale.

Rolf Schimdt

Senior Researcher, Signal Messenger
Rolfe works to bring security research into engineering practice at Signal Messenger, the world’s most widely used truly private communications app.

Mona Vij

Principal Engineer, Intel Labs
Scalable Confidential Computing for end-to-end Cloud to Edge.

Ayal Yogev

CEO and Co-founder at Anjuna
Cloud data security and privacy solutions. Confidential computing platforms running on Trusted execution environments.

Ben Lorica

Industry Consultant
Host of Data Exchange Podcast which features a roundup of the most important stories from the worlds of data, machine learning and AI.

Rishabh Poddar

Co-Founder and CEO Opaque Systems
Confidential Computing Platform for Collaborative Analytics and AI.

Ion Stoica

Professor UC Berkeley, Executive Chairman at Anyscale, Executive Chairman at Databricks, Board Member Opaque Systems
Co-creator of Spark, the machine learning framework leveraged by MC2 open source project and Opaque Systems.

Nelly Porter

Head of Product, GCP Confidential Computing and Encryption
Cloud-based platform for collaboration and data protection.

Dr. Richard Searle

Vice President of Confidential Computing, Fortanix
Addressing cloud data security issues in a multi-cloud environment.

Xochitl Monteon

Vice President Cybersecurity Risk & Governance, Chief Privacy Officer

Lily Sturmann

CCC and Office of the CTO Emerging Technologies, RedHat

Bruno Grieder

CTO and Co-Founder, Cosmian
Advanced cryptography to fuel privacy-by-default at the service of data protection.

Mike Bursell

Executive Director, Confidential Computing Consortium

Mike Blaguszewski

Lead Backend Engineer, PreVeil, LLC

Dušan Borovčanin

Consult Deputy CTO, Ultraviolet

Srdjan Capkun

Professor, ETH Zurich

Jay Chetty

Cloud Security Architect, Intel

Jonas De Troy

Domain Manager Public Cloud & Edge, Proximus

Suraj Deshmukh

Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft

Drasko Draskovic

CEO, Abstract Machines

Thomas Fossati

Principal Engineer, Arm

Vishal Gossain

Practice Leader, Risk Analytics and Strategy, Ernst and Young

Suyash Gupta

UC Berkeley, Postdoctoral Scholar, Lead Architect of ResilientDB

Paul Howard

Principal System Solutions Architect, Arm

Rene Kolga

Product Manager, Google

Ivan Puddu

ETH Zurich

Ravi Ravikanth

VP of Engineering, PreVeil Inc.

Philip Rogers

Phil Rogers, VP System Software, NVIDIA

Felix Schuster

CEO, Edgeless Systems

Shweta Shinde

Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich

Jackie Sweet

Lead Software Engineer, Dr Tavel Optical Group

Henry Wang

Network Platform Security, Software Engineer, Meta

Jiao Wang

AI Frameworks Engineer, Intel Corporation

Ruide Zhang

Security Software Engineer, ByteDance Inc

Teresa Tung

CTO, Accenture

Andrew Brust

Founder/CEO, Blue Badge Insights