San Francisco | June 29

The Summit for All Things Confidential Computing

For the first time, a Summit that brings together the premier technology providers, researchers, as well as existing or potential users to help organizations advance confidential computing.


The agenda will offer thought leading keynotes and 18 breakout sessions. Check back for the full agenda at the end of April after the call for speakers closes.

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  Keynote Presentations

State of the Confidential Computing Market & Welcome*

Raluca Ada Popa, Assoc. Prof CS, UC Berkeley and co-founder Opaque Systems

Raluca Ada Popa opens the Summit and discusses the factors driving the considerable rate of growth of the Confidential Computing market between 2023-2029 including the rise of data privacy laws and the rise of new use cases across every industry.  Ada Popa also highlights the recent ground-breaking innovation across every layer of the confidential computing technology stack as well as Confidential Computing’s position on the larger Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) landscape &< why confidential computing is the next frontier in data security.

The Mission of the Confidential Computing Consortium and Driving Adoption of Confidential Computing

Ron Perez, Governing Board Vice-Chair, Confidential Computing Consortium Fellow, Chief Security Architect, Intel Office of CTO

Ron Perez speaks to the shared mission of the 45+ member organizations in the Confidential Computing Consortium, the CCC’s support of new open source standards and projects relating to confidential computing such as Keystone, Veracruz, Grammine and Occlum and how the CCC helps accelerate the acceptance and adoption of confidential computing.

Confidential Computing and Zero Trust

Vikas Bhatia, Head of Products, Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing

Zero Trust is top of mind for many organizations. Confidential computing supports Zero Trust in ways that can only be accomplished by industry collaboration between chip manufacturers, software platforms, and cloud providers. Learn how this collaboration is extending zero trust to data-in-use and letting organizations assume breaches occur in all components outside a tightly controlled and attested trusted computing base.

Overcoming Barriers to Confidential Computing as a Universal Platform

John Manferdelli, Office of the CTO, VMware

Confidential computing provides simple, principled confidentiality and integrity for workloads wherever they run. Within multi-cloud infrastructures, it opens the door for a universal distributed computing solution that addresses verifiable program isolation, programs as authenticated security principals, secure key management, trust management, and the ability to prove these security properties cryptographically “over the wire” to relying parties using attestation. Yet the adoption of confidential computing has been slowed by the difficulty of writing CC-enabled programs quickly and securely, and across hardware technologies. Manferdelli will describe issues and requirements for a universal programming platform and introduce the open source “Certifier Framework for Confidential Computing” that provides a step towards overcoming development barriers.

Panel: Trending Applications and Use Cases in Confidential Computing*

Moderated by Ben Lorica with Panelists from PwC, Intel, Microsoft and Opaque Systems

Moderated by Ben Lorica, host and organizer of The Data Exchange Podcast & previously Chief Scientist O’Reilly Media, panelists  including experts such Intel’s Chief Security Architect from Intel’s Office of the CTO will discuss practical applications of confidential computing across banking, healthcare, insurance, Blockchain, AdTech, supply-chain and more. Panelists will discuss the trends and nuances across use cases, speak to examples and discuss multi-party computing, confidential AI, multi-party analytics, data clean rooms and more.

Confidential Computing as a Cornerstone for Cybersecurity Strategies and Compliance

Xochitl Monteon, Chief Privacy Officer and VP Cybersecurity Risk & Governance, Intel

With the growth of new government-driven cybersecurity strategies and continued expansion of global regulations, organizations are facing increased pressure to transform while still protecting their sensitive data. We will explore how confidential computing technology, rooted in secure clouds and hardware, is uniquely suited today to help organizations meet these new cybersecurity requirements and our vision for tomorrow’s emerging data landscape.

Trusted Execution Environments and Private Messaging

Rolfe Schmidt, Senior Researcher, Signal Messenger

Keeping metadata private is just as important as protecting message contents, and in some cases more important given the intimate details that metadata can expose. Ideally, privacy is accomplished using cryptography to ensure that sensitive data never leaves a user device, but this isn’t always feasible. Attested, confidential TEEs offer another option. This talk will look at how Signal Messenger is using them as one part of a defense-in-depth strategy to offer a fully featured app that provides metadata privacy at global scale.

What’s Driving the Heightened Demand for Secure Multi-party Analytics and AI

Rishabh Poddar, CEO & Co-founder Opaque Systems

Multi-party collaborative analytics and AI that can be performed on encrypted data unlocks use cases across banking, insurance, healthcare, adtech, manufacturing, blockchain and more. Poddar will speak about the open source foundation of MC2, an open source framework created at UC Berkeley, highlight the latest breakthroughs in multi-party analytics and machine learning and showcase practical use cases via a demonstration.

Panel: New Regulations on Data Privacy, the Implications to Organizations and What’s on the Horizon

11:45 Break

Deploying Confidential Computing for Cloud-scale Use Cases in Modern Enterprise

Anand Kashyap, Fortanix Co-founder and CEO

Confidential computing has picked up steam over the past few years with software ISVs, cloud service providers and chip vendors all coming together to promote the cause. As regulatory requirements grow, it is clear confidential computing can step in as a foundational technology to strengthen the data security and privacy posture for enterprise and mid-market organizations globally. This session will look at top use-cases and emerging opportunities drawn from real-world scenarios from Fortanix and its partners. CISOs, business leaders and security architects will learn about adopting strategic architectural shifts and driving adoption across the organization.
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Innovation and Collaboration at Scale: How Confidential Computing Empowers Enterprises to Fully Embrace the Public Cloud

Ayal Yogev, CEO and Founder, Anjuna Security

Despite the massive benefits of cloud computing, enterprises in strategic sectors such as financial services, healthcare, defense and government remain hesitant to fully embrace the public cloud. This hesitancy effectively places a glass ceiling on the scale at which innovation and collaboration can occur. Yogev speaks to how the rapid maturation of confidential computing platforms is poised to serve as the catalyst to the next phase of cloud adoption by unlocking unprecedented data security and privacy. In his talk, Ayal will highlight real-world examples of how organizations across industries are already leveraging confidential computing, and demonstrate how doing so ultimately turns a security solution into a vehicle for increased innovation and fearless collaboration.
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Experience the Opaque Platform for Secure Multi-party Analytics and AI

Speakers: Jay Harel, VP Products & Russell Goodwin,Customer Solutions, Opaque Systems

Use cases across banking, healthcare, AdTech, insurance, manufacturing and more that involve confidential and sensitive data require capabilities for secure inter-company and intra-company collaborative analytics on encrypted data in TEE’’s while ensuring each party is only privy to the data they own. Learn about Opaque’s unique platform for collaborative, multi-partly analytics and machine learning.

Get hands-on and experience the power and flexibility of the Opaque Platform for multi-party collaborative analytics on encrypted data in TEEs. To experience Opaque hands-on, bring your own laptop. Participants will go through a real-life scenario in small groups. Each group will form a collaborative team that serves as a ‘multi-party consortium’, and each participant will become a member of the consortium collaborating on confidential data on a realistic secure collaboration use case.


An Open Source Certifier Framework for Confidential Computing

Speaker: John Manferdelli, Office of the CTO, VMware and Ye Li, Staff Engineer, VMware

Confidential Computing is a foundational technology, but its adoption has been inhibited by the difficulty in implementing programs quickly even on a single platform.  In addition, fragmentation in the TEE platform market has prevented software portability and reuse across TEE technologies.  In this session, we will discuss the Certifier Framework for Confidential Computing, an open source project offering a simple, general API and accompanying service for managing attestation in scaled CC programs. With a half dozen or so API calls, a developer can incorporate CC into their software without deep expertise in security and platform-specific TEE technologies. Furthermore, the framework also decouples trust policy from program code and supports managed deployment.  We’ll cover the programming model, trust model and support (including policy and key storage) that makes the Certifier Framework easy to use and broadly applicable.

Lowering the Barriers to Confidential Computing

Speakers:  Thomas Fossati, Principal Engineer & Marc Meunier, Director Ecosystem Development, ARM 

Providers of computing platforms are racing to deploy products that deliver on the promise of confidential computing. As with any new technology, the initial investment can be high, and pioneers face the risk of cost overrun and failure. In this presentation we explore some of the implementation choices, and the resources Arm is making available to simplify the process of building a platform that supports a “confidential by default” methodology.
3:30-3:45 Break

Building Privacy-preserving Multi-party Apps on Azure

Speaker: Vikas Bhatia, Head of Products, Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing

Learn about real-world multiparty computing scenarios enabled by Azure confidential computing, including solutions provided by Microsoft technology partners. Discover new Azure offerings that make it easier to develop privacy-preserving applications.
4:15-4:45 Speaker: Details to come
4:45-5:00 Summit Closing Remarks
Speakers: Raluca Ada Popa and Ron Perez
5:00pm-7:00pm Cocktails and Networking

Accelerating the Privacy and Security of Computing, Governance, and the Latest Open Source Initiatives in Data Privacy and Confidential Computing

Speaker: Ron Perez, Governing Board Vice-Chair, Confidential Computing Consortium

The CCC brings together hardware providers, software solutions and cloud providers to ease and accelerate the adoption of confidential computing. Learn also how the CCC embodies open governance and open collaboration which includes driving commitments from numerous member organizations and actively supporting contributions from several open source projects such as Enarx, Keystone, Gramine, Open Enclave SDK and many more.

Pervasive Confidential Computing from Cloud-to-Edge

Speaker: Mona Vij, Principal Engineer, Intel Labs

Security and compliance solutions are not one-size-fits-all, and neither is there just one way to deliver Confidential Computing (CC).  Confidentiality and Integrity can be delivered at the application, container, or VM level, with trust verified via a range of attestation mechanisms. We’ll discuss example usages and deployments for each, and how Intel is uniquely positioned to provide this comprehensive backbone for the underlying infrastructure and services. We’ll also introduce the continued evolution of CC to encompass confidential collaboration and distributed confidential computing.

Confidential Data Collaboration: Burden or Opportunity for Growth?

Speaker: Dr. Richard Searle, Vice President of Confidential Computing, Fortanix

Businesses across industries are eager to harness value from their internal as well as external data ecosystems (public and private). Myriad of security, privacy, sovereignty and intellectual property constraints related to sensitive data have hampered that ambition. Learn more about how to address these challenges and pivot to optimization, innovation, and growth.

Join us and hear more on how data collaboration can present opportunities for cost-saving and to grow your business, with industry examples of how it is being used today.

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4:45-5:00 Summit Closing Remarks
Speakers: Raluca Ada Popa and Ron Perez
5:00pm-7:00pm Cocktails and Networking
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How to Utilize the Public Cloud for the Most Sensitive Data without Compromise

Speaker: Mark Bower, VP Product & Alberto Farronata, CMO, Anjuna Security

Anjuna Confidential Computing software makes the public cloud safe and a secure place to  compute-completely isolating existing data and workloads from insiders, bad actors, and malicious code. Anjuna’s software solution deploys simply in minutes as software over AWS, Azure, and other public clouds. By employing the strong secure enclave data protection available, Anjuna software effectively replaces complex legacy perimeter security without disrupting operations, applications, or IT.
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4:45-5:00 Summit Closing Remarks
Speakers: Raluca Ada Popa and Ron Perez
5:00pm-7:00pm Cocktails and Networking