San Francisco | June 29

The Summit for All Things Confidential Computing

For the first time, a Summit that brings together the premier technology providers, researchers, as well as existing or potential users to help organizations advance confidential computing.


Vikas Bhatia

Head of Product, Azure Confidential Computing (ACC)

Vikas Bhatia is the Head of Product for Azure Confidential Computing (ACC) and is responsible for designing products and services that organizations around the world leverage to ensure that their workloads are running confidentially on Azure by protecting data when in use. He leads a team responsible for products and services including confidential virtual machines, containers, and applications on confidential hardware across CPUs and GPUs. He is also responsible for services in Azure that leverage the confidential platform to themselves become confidential. Prior to this role, Vikas led the Product team for Project Rome in the Windows Developer Platform team. He has also done stints on Cloud Game Streaming, Xbox One and the C++ Compiler in DevDiv. Vikas has an MBA from the University of Washington, Foster School of Business and a MS in Computer Science from the University of Alabama.

Ben Lorica

Industry Consultant

Host of Data Exchange Podcast which features a roundup of the most important stories from the worlds of data, machine learning and AI.

John Manferdelli

Office of the CTO, Security, VMware

Challenges of multi-cloud, distributed security at scale.

Rishabh Poddar

Co-Founder and CEO Opaque Systems

Confidential Computing Platform for Collaborative Analytics and AI.

Raluca Ada Popa

Associate Professor, CS, UC Berkeley & co-founder of MC2 open source and Opaque Systems

Security, systems, and applied cryptography.

Nelly Porter

Head of Product, GCP Confidential Computing and Encryption

Cloud-based platform for collaboration and data protection.

Rolf Schimdt

Senior Researcher, Signal Messenger

The end-to-end-encrypted instant messaging and SMS app.

Dr. Richard Searle

Vice President of Confidential Computing, Fortanix

Addressing cloud data security issues in a multi-cloud environment.

Ion Stoica

Professor at UC Berkeley
Executive Chairman and co-founder of Databricks, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Anyscale
co-founder, board member Opaque Systems

Co-creator of Spark, the machine learning framework leveraged by MC2 open source project and Opaque Systems.

Mona Vij

Principal Engineer, Intel Labs

Scalable Confidential Computing for end-to-end Cloud to Edge.

Stephen Walli

Microsoft Azure Office of the CTO, Adjunct Faculty, Johns Hopkins University, Governing Board Chair, Confidential Computing Consortium

Broad community of open-source software, confidential computing, and Trusted Execution Environments.

Ayal Yogev

CEO and Co-founder at Anjuna

Cloud data security and privacy solutions. Confidential computing platforms running on Trusted execution environments.